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Batman is a minifigure for the DC Universe theme.

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Variations Edit

Batman's Minifigure comes in several different colour variations to reflect his appearances in different continuities. His Comic Suit resembles his outfit in most modern comics, his Armoured Suit is made to resemble his costume in the live-action films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. All variations at least use the same Cowl and Cape pieces, but the colour may differ between variations.

Blue Suit Edit

Blue Batman

Blue Suit

This variation of Batman has yet to be released, but was on display at the 2011 San-Diego Comic-Con. It greatly resembles Batman from one of his most famous portrayals, "Batman: the Animated Series". Batman's Hips, Hands, Cowl, and Cape are Earth Blue like the Classic Comic suit which most of his printing resembles, but with the logo from the 1989 Film Suit, but against Bright Yellow rather than Warm Gold. His utility belt also resembles that of the Comic Suit, but without the triangular flaps. Batman's face is the same double-sided one that the blue super heroes variation uses. One side has a large smirk, while the other has a more serious expression similar, to the The Dark Knight Rises film suit, but with cheek bones. It is unknown if this variation has back-printing.

Black Suit Edit


Black Suit Variation

This version of Batman is a redesign of 2006's 1989 Batman film suit. It has the same logo and shape as the Blue Super Heroes variation, but against a Black torso. In suit, Batman's Hips, Hands, Cowl, and Cape are also Black. His utility belt is now much larger than the original '89 Film Suit and clearly has a large, yellow buckle, similar to the Classic Comic suit, but not in gold and reversed. There are four rectangular packets on the belt. Batman's face is the same one used on the Blue Super Heroes Suit.

Blue Super Suit with Jetpack Edit

6858 alt2

Blue Super Suit with Jetpack

This version of Batman is available in 6858 Catwoman Catcycle City Chase. It seems to be the same as Batman's blue super heroes variation, but instead of a cape, he has a dark blue bat-winged jetpack with a flame attached. Once again, he seems to have the same face as the black and blue super heroes variations.

Appearance in LEGO Batman 2 Edit

In LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, from the one promotional image of the game, it seems as though Batman is identical to his Black suit.

Background Edit

BATMAN Standing between he innocent civilians Gotham City and the infamous villains of the Rogues Gallery is the Dark Knight himself: Batman! After witnessing his parents death in Crime alley. He promised that he would rid Gotham's streets of crime he worked hard training both his body and mind and has returned to Gotham City as the Batman determined to protect the innocent known as the world's greatest detective if Batman is on the case the bad guys better watch out!

CITY: Gotham City

POWERS: Highly trained martial artist, Master detective and scientist

BASE: The Batcave


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LEGO Batman is back…in black! The Dark Knight minifigure is more mysterious than ever in shiny black plastic as he banishes crime from the streets of Gotham City, one infamous villain at a time. As the handsome billionaire Bruce Wayne by day and a vigilant super hero by night, Batman watches the night sky for Commissioner Gordon to light the Bat-Signal. After a quick costume change, he’ll swoop down from the Gotham City skyscrapers to soar into action and save the day with high-tech accessories

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POW! WHAM! Classic LEGO Batman is on the scene in Gotham City as The Caped Crusader from the comics! Criminals and thugs don’t stand a chance against this lean, mean minifigure with his fabric cape and bright yellow utility belt. Even though LEGO Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, his amazing detective skills, martial arts training and high-tech gadgets are more than enough to strike fear into villains everywhere!

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Blue Batman
6858 alt2
Blue SuitBlack SuitBlack Suit (New cowl)Blue Suit with JetpackThe Dark Knight Rises Suit

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