Dr. Harleen Quinzel


DC Universe


10937 Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout


Jester's Hat

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Harley Quinn

Dr. Harleen Quinzel, better known as the villain Harley Quinn is a DC Universe minifigure introduced in 2013.


Harleen's face shows her wearing circular glasses and red lipstick which is shaped in a smirk. She wears a white button-up shirt and has red and black under it, depicting her Harley Quinn costume. She also wears a name tag with a silihoutted black face. Her hips and legs are white. Harleen has the a pony tail hairpiece in cool yellow, which can be interchanged with a red and black jester's hat. It is unknown weather she has a flip face which shows her white Harley Quinn face, or if she even has one at all.


Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist working at Arkham Asylum. Soon after studying The Joker, she became fascinated with him and during their sessions, Quinzel fell madly in love with the him, breaking him out of Arkham several times. She then re-invented herself as Harley Quinn, the sidekick and lover of The Joker. She is a skilled gymnast as well as having psychiatric knowledge.

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