Supergirl is a LEGO Superheroes charater from the Lego Batman 2 Video Game. She also appears in the Superman Comics.


LEGO Appearances:

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes


Zor-El(Father),Kal-El (Cousin),Jor-El(Uncle), Kon -El,


Supergirl wears a red dress, a Supergirl shirt, red boots and she has yellow long hair.


Supergirl ( Kara is her Kryton name) was sent in a rocket just before the planet Kryton blew up. During the trip, she got frozen. A few decades after, she landed on Earth as a teen and saw her young cosin all grown. He was Superman  The Man of Steel. She was so inspried with Kal-El's Heroism, so she decided to become Supergirl.


  • LEGO Supergirl only appears in Lego Batman 2 

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