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6868 Hulk's Helicarrier Breakout
6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle

Thor is a minifigure for the Marvel theme.

Description Edit

Thor has messy blond hair, with a bearded, serious face. He wears Earth Blue armour and legs, with grey arms, and wears a red cape. He wields a grey, modified Hammer which represents Mjollnir, a powerful hammer which only Thor is able to weild.

Background Edit

Thor, is the son of Odin the All-Father, and Jord, the spirit of the Earth. He frequently stands alongside the Avengers in the defense of the people of Midgard, often against the schemes of his half-brother Loki. He once was banished for his foolish ways, then returned to Asgard after defeating Loki and the Destroyer.

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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